Custom Velcro Patches Manufactured By A USA Company

Flex Systems is a USA manufacturer of promotional and advertising products. This manufacturing company is located in El Cajon, Ca.   Most textile companies that produce custom Velcro patches are located in the far east. Ordering from these companies definitely increases you wait time for your order to be completed. This is a problem for many business owners on a tight advertising schedule.  If you do not have issues with a 4+ week wait for shipping and clearing customs, overseas manufacturing may be a consideration

It is a tough decision whether to have your custom patches produced in the United States or overseas.  If your custom patch is highly detailed with an intricate design, it may be in your best interest to hire a domestic manufacturer of custom patches. Another problem with overseas manufacturing is the large quantities that are required for a minimum order with an upfront payment. This can be quite a large investment.

Quality assurance can be problematic with overseas manufacturing. The patch sample may be created in a different department and not truly represent the final order. Additionally, poor packaging and labeling are serious problems. Defective patches that cannot be used are a waste of time and money. With all the expenses involved with overseas manufacturing, I doubt if a customer will send back the faulty patches. There is such little control when hiring an overseas textile company to complete your custom patch order. It may appear that you are saving money but actually, it may cost more money in the long run.

Flex Systems guarantees all work. Their goal is complete customer satisfaction. It is nice to be able to pick up a phone and explain your concerns, and know that a representative of the company is ready to solve any issues that you have with your order. For more information, visit